AM Davies

AM Davies has been honing her on camera interviewing skills since 2009. It all started when she decided to interview pole dancers as the industry was just coming up.   This was all through her work at United Pole Artists, a pole dance media company.

More recently, AMD has been working with Strippers United (formerly known as Soldiers of Pole) and returned to her roots of being immersed in strip club and stripper culture.  Now she hosts ‘Yes, A Strippper Podcast’, a Period Podcast Network production.

Besides her own podcast, AMD has done other podcasts, radio interviews and other various industry projects, seen below.  To learn more about AMD, you can visit her personal website.


Why Won’t You Date Me (Nicole Byer Podcast)

NPR – The TakeAway

NPR – Call in to the A1 Show (AM 20 min in)

Private Parts Unknown Podcast

Travel Wins Podcast

Girl Boner Podcast

W.A.I.T. Gig Worker Economy Podcast

50Plus Tip Podcast

Sex Communication Podcast

Jubilee – “Do All Strippers Think the Same?”