So, you’re interested in hosting your own episode?  This is the place to be. We wanted to share this platform with our community, so if you have an idea for an episode, and you want your voice to hit the airways, your way, let’s get started.  

Here are some things for you to know first:

It’s important that you understand our viewpoints here at Yes, a Stripper Podcast – The stripper and sex worker community, and all the individuals in it, are our siblings, and we do not judge how any one chooses to do their work. We do not discriminate based on size, race, gender, background, level of sex work in or out of the clubs, or drug and alcohol use.  The hosts of Yes, a Stripper Podcast hold space for their guests and aim to inform and bring awareness to the community via our interviews.  We do not tolerate whorephobia of any kind, and we believe in the decriminalization of all sex work.  

You are more likely to be considered if the content you are pitching is interesting, informative and/or story telling.  Be sure to include as much information as possible on what your episode idea is about, what makes it interesting, is it thought provoking and will it appeal to a wider audience.  

How the application and hosting process works:

Step One: Fill out the form below

Step Two: We will get back to you within 14 days after we review your form submission and let you know if your episode idea is a go or not

Step Three: If your episode is a go, we will give you the rundown of what to expect next, including signing a release form, agreeing to our terms, when and how we will record, release, promote, ect.  

Step Four:  We will record the episode and schedule its release.

Step Five: We will release and promote the episode on our channels.

Let’s begin with Step One – fill out the form below or email us if  you have any questions.